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We are a group of crazy rebels that one day we met in an old industrial...

We were fed-up to be surrounded by boring products, working for companies without passion and soul, then we decided to govern our future.

The first thing was to transform the old ship... Containers like meeting rooms, trees (and cacti) inside and, of course, ecological! See how we cool the space! As the Egyptians did.



Then we look for a meaning for our professions: economists, engineers, computer scientists, designers and some other "weird people" that we have never known what the hell they studied.

And IOTIP came out. The name is not great, we recognize it, but is short, and easy to remember...

IOTIP can release outstanding and disrupting products as a result of engineering products. If you can’t touch it and use it, it doesn’t make any sense to us.

One day, our Dream’s Wizard went to the train station by motorcycle. He had an important meeting (which didn’t fit, but that is not the question) and left his bike in the parking lot, the helmet in the super cool helmet box with double security lock (yes, it was ugly but it seemed safe, at least). But when he came back...  WTF! The helmet wasn’t there! 600 euros had flown. He had to buy a bucket in the only bazaar that was open and returned home simulating that he was wearing a helmet... We don’t have pictures of that day but we keep the bucket.


With a little creativity, a lot of work and lots of laughs we did the Kobe! Not only it worked to keep the helmet safe, but it was also cool, aerodynamic and lightweight.

Launching a Tank Bag was just the logical evolution... But there was still something missing… IOTIP is in the fashionable city of start-ups and people take a sports backpack to their meetings! So...

Again, product meeting: beer, blackboards, and waves of laughter and ... "voilà" came the Business Back Pack, a backpack just for a computer and a small agenda... Why bring more? We gave it some touches: a column protector in case you fall, some pockets for the mobile and a Visa card and quick closures so it doesn’t vibrate. And we already had it. It has been cool, right?

Well, here we are, sharing our concerns with you and inviting you to join our group of rebels who don’t like big multinationals.

By the way, if you go to Barcelona and want to visit us, you will be welcome. We have the coolest Apple museum in Spain. We have never cleaned these masterpieces because maybe Steve Jobs touched some of them…

  • Nov 13, 2018
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